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To get somewhere new, You’ll have to do things you’ve never done before.

The Health and Fitness landscape is changing. Opportunity now exists to engage with targets on an unprecedented level. More investment is flowing from consumers and governments than ever before, yet obesity and lifestyle diseases are increasing exponentially. 84% of fitness clients won’t make it past 3 months, failing to create meaningful change in their health status.

Change must be made to ensure clients succeed. Creating community and culture is the path to successful program deployment. A Healthy Competition leverages modern implementation of the principles of behaviour change to create stunning results.

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Elevate Your Game

Gamify your services, modernize your client capture, maximize engagement with a healthy Competition.

Gamification of programs and services allows a greater reach and engagement than ever before. Consider that 86% of the population now hold smart phones, creating a gateway for powerful health messaging. Aligning your program with your audiences personal desires can grant your app access to their smart phone. The addictive experience provided by gamified apps increases the possibility that targets will install and engage. Gamified app creation allows convenience, constant support, and immediate reinforcement, for goal actions. Scaleable platform technology of A Healthy Competition makes it possible for your program to reach, and support a practically unlimited number of users.

Modernized client capture ensures the maximum uptake and conversion of leads to clients. Using sophisticated follow up, tracking and targeting, A Healthy Competition makes healthy change irresistible. 

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