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 A Healthy Competition is about rising above challenges. We believe that in peer to peer challenge and collaboration greater outcomes are attained than going alone.

Our primary mandate is to dissipate the burden of chronic disease which is smothering our progress. This preventable misfortune is cutting many off from experiencing full mojo.

We coach and consult on creating engaging programs in the broad field of health promotion.

We consult and coach National Level Health organisations on the development and implementation of health increasing social games.

We develop and implement custom cloud and mobile based apps and automation to recruit, refer and retain more clients for major health brands.

We coach trainers and health coaches with strategies in social and online media and automation allowing competitive advantage and the ability to reach serve and satisfy more clients.

Horst Thomson CEO Social Health Games

A Healthy Competition

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Horst regularly coaches clients in achieving greater efficiency in health promotion, from local trainers, health coaches, and gyms to the Australian Medicare Local Alliance Horst is Australia’s’ leading advocate for leveraging technology to promote greater engagement in health and wellbeing.

Luke Latimer CTO social health games

Luke Latimer CTO

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Luke builds cutting edge cloud and mobile based applications creating immersive, responsive feedback loops to heighten client engagement and message uptake. Luke is pioneering the use of Augmented Reality in coaching new behaviours.

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