A Healthy Competition = Recruit, Retain and Renew More Fitness Members

Use automation to increase fitness member retention, referral and revenue

Have you ever wished there was a system which you could deploy to make member retention work? Have you ever tried really hard to increase client value, only to make meagre gains? Have you ever wanted to stop competing on price and have customers see your gym as the clear leader where results are inevitable?
great member experience is the most powerful revenue builder, and can be affordable
So did I. I was sick and tired of people loosing their initial motivation, and failing to make meaningful gains in their health and fitness. I was sick and tired of not having the capacity to provide more assistance to those who needed it, and I was tired of trainers lacklustre sales performance. I wanted to reach more people and empower them to make the progress themselves.

My clients didn’t want that. They wanted accountability, they wanted guidance, they wanted to be spoon fed, easy to implement action steps that would ensure their success.

So I began to dedicate more time to creating systems to do just that. I began to see the potential of the system to help more people than ever before, and my vision grew from having a thriving membership, to something more.

It turns out we have something in common. You want your members to be active longer, renew, buy more personal training, refer their friends and sign up even before they enter the club.
increase personal training sales, big time
I want to eradicate chronic disease. Lifestyle, and membership sales is the way to do it. So lets get more people getting great results with your coaches.

A simple tool to fix a big problem.
The big problem is that 84% of members will become inactive too soon to achieve results. No attendance and no results makes for no referrals and no renewals. Renewals should be the biggest source of a clubs income. Members who receive great support, make great progress and become part of a great community, renew, bring friends, and spend more on club merch and services.

Supporting new members in their fragile first weeks is the money spot. It’s in those first few days and weeks that they are either nourished and nurtured allowing growth of deep roots to begin growing, or their fragile little shoots are left out in the cold and get burnt off by the frost of isolation, never to grow again.

Before you tell me that you can’t afford to support new clients in such a nurturing manner, think about the cost of all those inactive members who didn’t get the support they needed to start? It’s not only their membership that won’t renew, its all their friends who’s doubts are confirmed, your gym doesn’t work. Every person who walks through your door MUST get results. If they don’t a dozen of their friends will get the message, your gym doesn’t work, but someone else’s might right?

I’m sure you already know the cost of a poor member experience quite intimately, you also think, like almost every other fitness centre out there, the cost of that initial support is too high. Being paid well in a year from now would be great, but making it through the year will be challenging enough already, without spending more on trainer floor hours. I hear you. It’s not cost effective to have trainers coaching and following up on clients, not with the low PT up-sell rates most trainers achieve.

What about using software to automate follow up of new clients? Sounds like a pretty good idea right? Send SMS messages and emails reminding your new members to come in and take part in spin class, or giving them a poke if they miss two days (Day on day off is the minimum right!?). A well thought out and implemented automation of client care over the first couple of weeks can improve your attendance rates. The key to good results from implementation is the degree of personalisation involved. The communication must be sincere and tailored to the individuals needs. There is no point in sending marathon training invitations to your new powerlifters. Using automated sequences to extend invitations to enjoy more club services, or connect with specific team members strengthens the web of connection for your client. The larger the web you weave, the more likely your client will find a sticky spot to cling to, making your club a permanent link in their life.
maximize new fitness member engagement

Automation can be achieved without proprietary software through services such as ontraport or infusionsoft. God results can also be achieved with well crafted mail chimp sequences. The degree of integration into your club will be limited to a preprogrammed net of messages operating from an if sequence. Ie, if Jane joins, then send her message 1, after 24 hrs, message 2 after 40 hrs, or if Jane opens and clicks send message 1a etc. This net can keep your members interacting and feeling attended too. If the automation is not linked to their in club, or goal directed activities, then the engagement is limited.
use automated sequencing to reverse gym member attrition
Surprisingly, automating training programs is shown to increase personal training up sells. A common model of membership includes an introductory training session where a coach, shows the new member how to do a few exercises, gives them a program card and sets them on their way. This is the absolute minimum standard. Clubs offering less than this are dangerous. The initial trainer contact is valuable for member retention too. If the member feels a connection to the trainer, they become more comfortable visiting the club. Simply put, we like to go to friendly places. Duh. With the right software, the initial training session can, not only be really easy for the trainer to deliver the perfect intro program, but create a compelling sales tool for PT sessions. Using Baseplate, trainers can set a program, and monitor the clients action. If they don’t do it, they can follow up. If they do, they can encourage. Personal trainers using Baseplate saw a 20% jump in up-sells, as clients quickly saw the value of being held accountable and having expert knowledge to guide action. Coaches also find checking in on clients and setting programs easy as Baseplate stores all their client training, goal, and contact data right inside the app on their phone.
Use automation to increase fitness member retention, referral and revenue
What is really needed to make true engagement affordable and effective, is a tool to share training programs and keep members on track both in and out of the club. Baseplate makes program creation, duplication and delivery simple.

HorstA Healthy Competition = Recruit, Retain and Renew More Fitness Members

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