Triple Retention

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Social games to increase gym attendance, retention and revenue sounds like a good idea, but some may doubt the outcomes. We wanted to know for sure, just how well we could influence new gym members to take action. So we implemented some science. Scientific research to quantify and analyse the outcomes. During a 12 week time series trial, we took all new members from Month 1 and called them the control group. They accessed the gym and trainers as per usual.
Then we took all new members in the second month, and gave them to opportunity to step into A Healthy Competition. Check out these results. Our special sauce of engagement through challenge, reward, and peer feedback pays off. We tripled visit frequency during the cruicial habit forming 1st 12 weeks. Once a habit is maintained for 12 weeks, it becomes easy to continue, the habit is habitualized. Thats the science of behaviour change, and now its the science of social games supporting gym membership.
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Gym membership retention results using A Healthy Compeittion

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